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Sports Injury Treatment


At Fort Collins Physical Therapy and Sports Center, we treat everyone from the weekend warrior to the elite athlete for strains, sprains, overuse injuries, localized and general pain, and more. No physician's referral is required to see us. We offer same-day and emergency appointments, and we can often do evaluation, diagnosis, and initial treatment in your first visit, leaving you feeling better immediately.


Injury Treatment & Professional Services

If you have been in an auto accident, we can provide diagnosis and treatment of any pain or injury. We offer same-day and emergency appointments and can provide evaluation, diagnosis, and initial treatment in your first visit. Even if your accident was minor, we recommend you make an appointment to be evaluated. While you may not feel pain, you may have an underlying injury that could result in health problems down the road.


Injury Services

Not only do we provide diagnosis, treatment, and comprehensive rehabilitation services for those with work-related or occupational injuries who will be treated under workers compensation, but we also provide professional worker services for businesses to help prevent work-related injuries.


A More Balanced Life

Our TheraLight full-body light therapy systems are designed to elevate your wellness to a whole new level. More energy, reduced pain, better sleep, and improved mood.


Fort Collins Physical Therapy and Sports Center

At Fort Collins Physical Therapy and Sports Center, Silvia Sorensen, PT, DPT, and her staff of physical therapists and other experts are dedicated to empowering you and helping you to reach your rehabilitation goals. Silvia has first-hand knowledge of the challenges involved with overcoming pain and disability and getting back to an active life. We provide therapy services for folks throughout Northern Colorado and across the Front Range from our office here in Fort Collins.


I can confidently say I am nearly 100% healed

I came to Silvia with pain, burning, and instability in my knee due to a hyper extension and hamstring tear I experienced months ago. I play soccer professionally, and finding the proper diagnosis and treatment was my top priority as I was to begin season with my team in Sweden in less than two weeks.…

Anisa Guajardo - Professional Soccer Player


Some of the best physical therapy I have ever received!

Some of the best physical therapy I have ever received. They got my shoulder healed before I went to the 2016 Rio Olympics and I have had 0 problems since. I had two surgeries leading into those Olympics and have been playing rugby professionally since 2015. The rehab they provided was top notch and put…

Ben Pinkelman - US Rugby Player