ALINE’s Foot Suspension System™ is a new class of foot care system. ALINE’s patented bFAST®, Foot Activated Technology™ puts the foot in control, allowing ankles and knees to align themselves. An ALINE activated foot (which aids the wearer with the proper shape and alignment) provides proven performance and health benefits. ALINE’s technology is worn by Olympians, PGA players, NFL players, X-Games athletes, runners, and patients like you!

ALINE Features & Benefits

  • Suspension Zones: Allow bones to lower activating natural foot function.
  • RibTechnology: Patented ribs flex and rebound to transfer and guide foot’s power.
  • Adjustable: Innovative engineering allows you to deliver a customized ALINE for each patient.
  • Dynamic: The foot maintains alignment through motion and variable terrains.
  • Affordable: Makes ALINE an every patient solution, not just for “bad feet” clients.

The properly ALINEd body and supported foot perform better.

Our laser ALINEment device shows you performance loss and injuries before they happen.

ALINE gives you the tools to perform better and to stay healthy.

How Does ALINE Help Athletes?

The foot is supported, but also allowed to move through the suspension zones to generate power inside the shoe. The patented ribs are engineered to flex and rebound to increase power transfer and maintain ALINEment™.

What Does ALINE Mean for You?

  • Increased Power
  • Improved Balance
  • Stronger Feet and Legs
  • Increased Endurance
  • Reduced Injuries

Curious about ALINE? Ready to improve your stride, performance, and overall posture? Give us a call to learn more and to get started! Fort Collins Physical Therapy and Sports Center offers ALINE Performance Systems for patients throughout Northern Colorado.