Auto Accident Injury Treatment and Professional Services

If you have been in an auto accident, we can provide diagnosis and treatment of any pain or injury. We offer same-day and emergency appointments and can provide evaluation, diagnosis, and initial treatment in your first visit. Even if your accident was minor, we recommend you make an appointment to be evaluated. While you may not feel pain, you may have an underlying injury that could result in health problems down the road.

Whether or not you have insurance, a high deductible, a doctor, or an attorney, we can help. (We have contracts with major personal injury lien companies with networks of highly skilled, experienced health professionals and personal injury attorneys.)

Additionally, we offer

  • Experienced, expert witness for auto accident depositions and trials
  • Detailed history, including mechanics of injury and pre-existing conditions
  • Thorough evaluation and screening, and detailed documentation
  • Open communication with your doctor and attorney
  • Functional testing to determine return-to-work status and prior level of function

To learn more about how we can help you as a patient or as an auto accident expert witness, call us at 970.221.0173 or contact us today.