Cupping is a safe, effective, and soothing method of promoting relief, recovery, and restoration of muscles and tissues that are injured or sore from athletic, occupational, or daily activity.

Specialized cups gently charged with air suction are placed on the skin on key points and regions of affected body parts. The suction gently but effectively provides myofascial release and stimulation, lifting the skin slightly away from underlying muscles, nerves, vessels, and other tissues to help circulate blood and lymph, remove byproducts and toxins, and replace nutrients and fresh bodily fluids.

Used for centuries, the technique of cupping is non-invasive, hypoallergenic, and non-chemical. The administration of cupping itself is therapeutically beneficial, involving gentle palpation to locate treatment points and to attach and remove the cups. There are no side-effects; any slight discoloring of the skin that occurs due to the suction is temporary and will resolve immediately up to a few days following treatment.

Ask your practitioner about the pain relief, recovery promotion, and restoration of energy that can be achieved from this simple yet effective therapy.