Work-Related Injury Services at Fort Collins Physical Therapy and Sports Center

Not only do we provide diagnosis, treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation services for those with work-related or occupational injuries who will be treated under workers compensation, but we also provide professional worker services for businesses to help prevent work-related injuries:

Post-job-offer Placement Evaluation:

  • Determines if an employee is at risk for injury in a particular job
  • Places employees in appropriate jobs
  • Educates employees to further reduce their risk of injury after they are placed
  • Reduces costs, increases productivity, and decreases turnover

Ergonomic Job Site Analysis:

  • Identifies ergonomic stresses in the workplace and develops recommendations for hazard reduction and control

Employee Musculoskeletal Screening for:

  • Posture, strength, and flexibility
  • Range of motion
  • Dynamic and static lifting
  • Potential risk for injuries

Work Conditioning:

  • Prepares injured employees for a quick and safe return to work
  • Includes cardiovascular fitness and job simulation

Injury Prevention Program:

  • Increases knowledge and reduces risk of injury
  • Lowers workers compensation costs
  • Decreases time lost from work
  • Decreases employee turnover
  • Improves employer/employee relations
  • Increases productivity, resulting in higher profits

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program

  • Facilitates quick and safe return to work at minimal cost
  • Provides close communication between physician and employer

For employers:

  • We have served as expert witnesses for depositions and trials
  • We have provided hundreds of classes in Northern Colorado in back education, employee training, health/wellness, and injury prevention
  • We provide excellent communication with doctors, employers, risk managers, insurance adjusters, and attorneys.

For more information on our work injury prevention program, please call us at 970.221.0173 or contact us.