1. A big thank you Silvia, Coleen and Kelly!!

    “I started going to Silvia after I was in a bad car accident with a drunk driver. After a few appointments Silvia had a feeling that I had a ruptured disc in my neck and recommended I get an MRI before we did any more therapy. Once results were back we found out she was correct and able to start working on that specific location. We did electric acupuncture, laser point and ultrasound to make my…Read More

    Bethany Brooks
  2. knowledgeable, professional and very easy to work with

    “I was referred by my GP to seek physical therapy for a persistent pain in my hip, knee and leg. My GP originally suggested that my problem had to do with the sciatic nerve. I randomly selected FC PT. There was a thorough evaluation and a set of physical therapies recommended for what was “diagnosed” as bursitis. The results were what one would hope for. The therapist was knowledgeable, prof…Read More

  3. You really ARE a miracle worker!

    “My son, 16, recently has had 2 lung ruptures and after 3 chest tubes and 1 major surgery, he’s finally on the road to recovery. His road there unfortunately has been stunted by damaged nerves due to inadequate preparation of surgery/ anesthesia. He came out of surgery with no control of his right hand. The nurses, the surgeon, and even the neurologists really couldn’t give us an accurate re…Read More

    Herro Kitty
  4. I highly recommend Silvia

    “The physical therapy which I received from Silvia Sorensen (for major spinal surgery) has been a remarkable success. Silvia and her trained assistants treated me with kindness and thoroughness. I highly recommend Silvia for anyone needing rehab, training and encouragement.”…Read More

  5. I now have full range of movement and am pain-free

    “I received treatment at Fort Collins Physical Therapy & Sports Center two times for two different severe ailments. The first time was for a very painful neck injury. Silvia and her assistants treated me and I was back in tip top condition in a couple of months. The second time was for a painful frozen shoulder. My shoulder was so bad I thought I would have to go on disability. I visited sev…Read More

  6. Love her office staff, they are fabulous

    “Silvia helped me when no one else could. I had been to another physical therapist, had nine visits with him. He did nothing for me. She helped me with my shoulder and bicep. I fell on the ice and really damaged it. She was AMAZING. I am back to normal and feeling great. Love her office staff, they are fabulous.”…Read More

  7. She’s totally devoted to her patients

    “I am so pleased that I met Silvia Sorensen. Our meeting took place in a restroom in an Old Town restaurant. I was beside her at the sinks and saw that she was wearing a stunning necklace. I turn to tell her how lovely it was and she immediately said to me, ‘You have a problem with your neck.’ “I have, over a period of 4-5 years, been to spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, a number of chiroprac…Read More

  8. Silvia is the only doctor I trust!!

    “I first saw Silvia in Amman, Jordan a couple years ago for a shoulder injury after a bad fall. I was treated with injections and pain pills prior to seeing her but was getting worse. Within a few minutes, she diagnosed me to have a full rotator cuff tear and bicep rupture and she ordered an MRI, which confirmed her diagnosis. I had surgery in the U.S. Now I have full function of my shoulder and…Read More

  9. Silvia’s practice was the best!

    “I had a serious injury in football. I blew out my knee and had nerve damage. I have had three surgeries and also attended three different physical therapy practices because of the injury. Out of the three practices, I can honestly say that Silvia’s practice was the best! I had quick improvement that impressed my doctor. Time was always lenient while I was there and never rushed. I felt cared …Read More

  10. Some of the best physical therapy I have ever received!

    Some of the best physical therapy I have ever received. They got my shoulder healed before I went to the 2016 Rio Olympics and I have had 0 problems since. I had two surgeries leading into those Olympics and have been playing rugby professionally since 2015. The rehab they provided was top notch and put me on the right path for these last 3 years. Extremely kind and professional staff that really …Read More

    Ben Pinkelman - US Rugby Player