A big thank you Silvia, Coleen and Kelly!!

“I started going to Silvia after I was in a bad car accident with a drunk driver. After a few appointments Silvia had a feeling that I had a ruptured disc in my neck and recommended I get an MRI before we did any more therapy. Once results were back we found out she was correct and able to start working on that specific location. We did electric acupuncture, laser point and ultrasound to make my disc close up and heal quicker. She also did traction on my neck to release pressure and massaged all the muscles that are acting up. Thanks to Silvia I have made a faster than normal recovery even though the disc will never be fully healed. I will go to her for all my therapy needs and recommend her to anyone that needs physical therapy! Her team is fantastic and they are sure to make a great personal connection with all of their clients. I am so thankful I decided to do my therapy at Fort Collins Physical Therapy and will always be grateful for all they have done and will continue to do for me! A big thank you Silvia, Coleen and Kelly!!”

Bethany Brooks