She’s totally devoted to her patients

“I am so pleased that I met Silvia Sorensen. Our meeting took place in a restroom in an Old Town restaurant. I was beside her at the sinks and saw that she was wearing a stunning necklace. I turn to tell her how lovely it was and she immediately said to me, ‘You have a problem with your neck.’

“I have, over a period of 4-5 years, been to spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, a number of chiropractors, a pain management doctor, and a variety of physical therapy places. I have been told by each of them that I have ‘the worst neck I have ever seen.’ Other PT places have had me doing everything from blowing up balloons to using my neck to pull down a weighted bar. These are definitely inappropriate, useless, and in some cases dangerous treatments for my neck. I don’t think one of them actually used their hands on my neck.

“Since I’ve started to see Silvia, my pain level has decreased significantly. Silvia is a hands-on person. Each time I visit her, she uses alternate machines, which she operates herself because they are complex, and then she uses her hands to work my neck. She’s the only PT I need. She’s totally devoted to her patients.”