You really ARE a miracle worker!

“My son, 16, recently has had 2 lung ruptures and after 3 chest tubes and 1 major surgery, he’s finally on the road to recovery. His road there unfortunately has been stunted by damaged nerves due to inadequate preparation of surgery/ anesthesia. He came out of surgery with no control of his right hand. The nurses, the surgeon, and even the neurologists really couldn’t give us an accurate reason as to why this happened, OR if it was going to regain movement and sensory in his hand. He was seen briefly by an occupational therapist moments before he was seen by discharge personnel and they gave him a worksheet of exercises along with some silly putty and sent him on his way. After a couple days, I decided to take him to see Silvia, who I had heard about from my friend who told me was a miracle worker. Within 5 minutes of him being in there, she knew exactly which muscle and which group of nerves had been damaged, (which by the way, was wrongly diagnosed by the neurologists) and started working on him. When he walked out of the office, he was gleaming because he finally had answers, he finally could feel and move his fingers. Most importantly, it gave him hope and confidence that he was going to be alright. I can’t thank you enough Silvia! You really ARE a miracle worker!”

Herro Kitty