Private Yoga with Thai Massage

Yoga is a practice of self-healing that works with both the mind and body. In this one-hour private yoga session we will tailor a class for you based on your specific needs including strengthening, flexibility, and stress/pain management. With specific instruction on posture alignment and breathing techniques you will feel comfortable practicing at home, or safely in a group class. Throughout our session you will receive adjustments and Thai massage, not only to correct alignment but also to deepen and relax into the stretches. We will end with a long guided relaxation and a full body Thai massage. Wear loose comfortable clothes and be ready to build a beautiful practice.

Featured in the images below are Emma Barrett, Registered Yoga Therapist (RYT) with more than 200 hours of training, and Josanne Lucas, Olympian. The duo’s bio and testimonial speaks to the powers of Yoga Thai Massage.

Josanne Lucas

Josie is a track athlete that has represented her native country of Trinidad & Tobago at the 2005 World Championship in Helsinki, the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games and the 2009 World Championship in Berlin. It was in 2009 where she became the first female from Trinidad & Tobago to win a medal at a World Championship, obtaining bronze in the 400mH with a national record of 53.20. She is a 6 time All-American for Auburn University in the 400mH, 100mH and 1600m relay. She earned a NCAA Track and Field Outdoor Team Title in 2006, was runner-up in the 400mH at the NCAA Outdoor Championship and was the 2006 SEC Outdoor Champion in the 100mH.

Ms. Lucas uses yoga to further enhance her athletic ability. It helps with flexibility, core strength, body awareness and mental calmness.

“Being an runner, breathing is very crucial to my sport. It was through yoga that I learned how to breath properly; to breath deeply engaging my diaphragm.” – Josanne Lucas